Photoshoot at vivo

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[Movie and casual photoshoot]
Date : 9 November 2012
Movie : Ah Boys to Men

Overall : 4.5/5
The movie was funny,  but then at some parts, it's kinda boring. But overall, I enjoyed watching it! Will be waiting for Part 2 next year during CNY period :D

Christmas Tree at Vivo ~ 

I was actually giving a stupid face as the weather was so damn hot already, and this photographer was so slow :x

Me testing out at the grass ~ 
Next time if anyone of you wants free sun-tanning, can go vivo city grass and sun-tan! It's FOC. Like me :x

This was the most like photo! :D
After exams gonna take a shoot soon? I guess? Not really sure!
Have to go on diet! 

Someone actually asked me to sleep at this position to show my legs! hmm? 

Playing with water

Trying to be funny ~ 

Hot ~~~ 


Love this :D 

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