Celebrations at Bread Street Kitchen SG

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Date: 26 June 2016

Earlier on just now while on the way to MBS. Lol. For no reason, I've no idea why I love to take pictures inside the car. The lighting just seem to be too good. 

With my real blood slibings! Do re mi! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ random shot ~ do we look alike? 

Having cold appetizer of Alaskan king crab and apple cocktail with pink peppercorn. Serving in a small portion, everyone managed to try it! 

Price: SGD 28

We ordered the hot appetizer of seared scallops, celeriac puree, chicken skin crumble, apple and celery cress. Serving with 3 pieces only. We shared among 5 person. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ 

Seriously speaking, the scallops taste awesomely! Melting inside your mouth with the puree!

Price: SGD 24

Another hot appetizer is siracha marinated king prawns, served with green mango salad. The salad had a kind of taste like those Thai mango salad. Savvy with prawn!

Price: SGD 27

For the main, we ordered roasted black cod with crushed potatoes, salted capers, artichoke along with red wine and lemon sauce. We simply love the roasted black cod as it blends nicely with the sauce! 

Price: SGD 39

Irish Angus Rib-eye steak. Lucky my sis and I shared the portion of this steak. Serving in medium rare cooked. Every bite was delightful and savvy. 

Price: SGD 68

Present to you the Angus Rib-eye Steak. Lol 

Next up is roasted sea trout with wild garlic crust, white and green asparagus with wine wine veloute. We didn't know that it was salmon fish. Hence a little disappointed as we often have it during our daily life. But it's okay, we still enjoyed this meal! 

Price: SGD 37

Additionally, we ordered macaroni cheese with garlic roasted crumbs. I personally do really like eating this..

Price: SGD 16

BSU Short Rib Beef Burger, Monterey Jack Cheese, Smoked Bacon Ketchup with Fries. My sister was having this Burger, we get to try it and I super love the sauce. She also enjoyed eating this Burger πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ thumb up for this Burger! 

Price: SGD 28

BSU dessert platter. We ordered: 
• Chocolate fondant with salted cametal, mint chocolate chip ice cream 
• Monkey Shoulder Cranachan Cheesecake, Bluerry Ripple Ice cream 
• BSU Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bar, Popcorn ice cream 
How to say, it's delicious. althought the price is kinda steep, but you know what.. it's a restaurant. πŸ˜›

The belated birthdays and father's day! :)

A group picture :) 
Thank you so much for the great services, #breadstreetkitchensg

With my idol, Gordon Ramsay. Although I can't take a picture with him in real life, it's okay. I can take with his picture. Lol! 


Sample review (Rosette Sea Clay Cleansing Paste)

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Using @rosettesgpfacial cleansing paste (Sea Clay Smooth) which is made of mineral rich sea clay and botanical extracts. Do you think its actually look like a facial clay mask? 1 small little pack of sea clay paste is enough for whole face! I literally applied on my face for 5 minutes before washing it away. Now my face feels so smooth! 

Do drop by their Instagram account for giveaway contest etc! 

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Day 5: Take train to watch sunrise, Plum manufactured, Sun Moon Lake Tour

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Xiao Liu Qiu

So, we woke up very early just to see sunrise at one of the area where we got to take the earliest train to watch it. However, due to the rain in the morning, there's no sunrise. Mostly are covered with smog.  

Temperature now is 19 degree! 

When we reached our station to our minsu, it was raining and we did not have an umbrella. So we got to walk under the rain and heavy smog. And that was me walking down the stairs slowly as I could not see clearly due to the smog. 

As it was still early, we went back to take a short nap before the driver coming to fetch us to the next location. What a cold morning. 

Next, we came to Wenwu Temple Sun Moon Lake

While touring around the temple, we came across the wishing well.. We had to coins into the round stone and our wishes would come true. I managed to hit it! Hopefully my wishes will come true! :)

There are many parts of small temple further in. For blessing, wishing etc. 

All are electronic based now. We did know try it. of cos, there are still the traditional way of shaking the stick out of the container. Maybe for foreigner, they would like to try the electronic ways :)

After visiting the temple, the next destination we are going is the plum manufactured factory located at Sun Moon Lake area. 

It was a gift shop as well as manufactured of plum related items such as wine, jelly, sweets and pudding etc. Tourists could dropped by and visit! :)

Then, the driver drove us an area, and dropped us off. We went to take cable car to look around the scenery at Sun Moon Lake. (I'm a person who afraid of height) hence, you may not see my face more at this album :x 

At the station, there are ice-cream shop and gift shop as well. I bought the Hello Kitty Plum Wine from there. Did not regret it. The taste was good. (Rose & Lychee) The snack over there was delicious too. (Refer to my last post, probably 2-3 weeks later for update!) Loots will be posting at a post :)

So up on the cable car, we managed to capture all the beautiful scenery!  

As we wasn't feeling so hungry yet, the driver drove us up to the Ah Ma Cha Ye Dan area where we saw a group of local residents singing Ah Mei Zhu songs etc. 

Long queue for Ah Ma Cha Ye Dan! They are selling drinks and ice-cream too! There are trucks van selling fruits outside as well! :)

The egg taste great! :)

Tourists travelling via boat. We was told there over the sea area, the opposite side area is a hotel where tourists got to travel via boat to reach the Sun Moon Lake area. Hmmm... 

Look at the hotel over the other side .........
After touring around, the driver drove us to a small tourists attraction area for lunch. As it was drizzling, we spent almost 3-4 hours there and requested to head back to the hotel and rest as both of us wasn't feeling well. It's all above mountain and rushing trips. 

Do bear in mind that its good not to plan your trip so tightly. 

Having the "Yu Geng* soup or something. Sorry but I couldn't remember what this soup was. :(

Tempura prawn with salad which taste *cold*. Not recommend to purchase when you're there!

In an early morning, you may enjoy viewing the mountain area outside of your hotel room. :)

The awesome queen size bed!!  (we took a rest before taking a picture)

The awesome big toilet as well! Although the location is quite far from the eatery shop, the lady boss had told us that she could drove customers out for dinner! :)
Anyway, we are well-taken off by the lady boss as both of us wasn't feeling well. Took medicine and went to bed!

Check-in: Bliss Bed & Breakfast
The lady boss is really friendly and she had stay in Singapore for a year before!! The awesoness of the hotel (with lift) like finally, huge bed, huge toilet with jacuzzi (mountain view), outdoor for watching sunrise etc!

The location is often packed during weekend!!

Please leave a comments below if you have anything to ask. 
Thank you!

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Coming up is Day 6 from Cingjing, Nantou! :)