Group Birthday Celebration

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Elaine, Karnex, Jie Lin and My Birthday Celebration
At Chalet ~ 

Helping Jiawen to celebrate her birthday. (Actual Day, 28 July)

 Happy Birthday Jiawen! 

Next, After singing k, I went back straight to the chalet to help out with the food! 
Thanks to Bryan, Vanessa's BF for helping out, setting the fire and BBQ-ing the food!

I feel bad though .. but thanks :D

 YK and JL BBQ-ing

 JL and her friends

 Playing games

 Woohoo! Terry Stripe! LOL!

 CY the shy type! 

Cutting cake time! :D
(No in order)

Cupcakes that my friends bought for me!



Jie Lin



The Wishes :D

I love them lots :D Although this da ge kept bullying me! :X

Thank you everyone for the presents :D

 Edible Chocolate and Sweets

Thanks to the gang who gifts me this :D

The bags I asked my cousin to get it for me! :D