Day 9: Taipei - SOGO Shopping Mall, Taipei 101, Moverpick Cafe, Shi Lin Night Market, Ximending Night Market

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Date: 1st May 2016
Throwback post! 

Woke up in the morning, walk around and continue our journey at Taipei! 

Went SOGO Shopping mall, first things is to take a look at the famous Tsum Tsum Shoes! There are lots of tourist around the booth, search for the shoes and sizes they want! We are pretty lucky though, although there are shoes that I want and the size wasn't available. Got to source for alternative! 

Trying out the Tsum Tsum Denim shoe! Heh! Love it and decided to purchase! 1650NTD! It's around S$70+

Twin bed! 

The small cosy hotel room! 

Head to Taipei 101, wanting to go all the way up. However, it was close due to an event (super long queue) and have no idea why there are lots of people! 

Went to queue for Taipei Din Tai Fun! Long queue (waited for 1.5hour), we went around shopping while waiting for it! We missed out turned, however the staff is kind enough to let give us a table! :) 

Thumb up! Worth the price! :)

My favourite Melody! 

No, we did not went to Pompompurin café! Just took the photo on the street! 

During night time, we went over to Shilin for some delicious street food!

Grilled cheese Oyster and scallops! 

Oyster Omelette! 

Some soup? Can't remember. However, I do not recommend. 

Snap a welfie with my eldest sister ! 

Went shilin street market, and saw this sponge cake! 100NTD one big slice! Long queue and its super worth it!! :D

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