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Tuesday, October 30, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Recently I'm feeling so tired because have to stay up late to do and edit projects, even for individual reports and presentation slides. So do pardon me, I will be back soon to blog! :)

I've pick 2 of the cutest icon that I want to represent my blog. Actually there's a few, but the 2 I'm using it often :D

The chu chu (kissing photos) :D

Smile :)
I wondered if my smile do let anyone of you happy? LOL :x


Love this :D 

Representing the sad lady. =/

A friend medal :)
It's so cool, regret not joining for the run. I saw it quite late =(

Ending with a HMPH photo! :D Don't tried to bully me uh!! :x

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Friday Night Dinner with family

Monday, October 29, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Friday Night Dinner with family
25 October 2012

 I got the family bundle set which is quite worth it! :D 


Super like :D 

Simply love this cake from four leave! 
Rate : 4.9/5! :D

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Sunday, October 28, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments


Few weeks ago, I've received my sponsored lens from Duffy Beau , I requested a normal color which is Brown, however the lens effect shown on my eyes isn't so obvious. But, I still love it! The design is like a star shape! And also, it came with the eye lid sticker, could be use as eye liner too! It's awesome! Check it out the photos below :D


And that is my degree! :D 

Photo taken from internet 
I just love the way they are natural :) 

The lens I'm wearing is comfortable, did not cause any irritate to me! I've dry eyes, so whenever or wherever I go, I will bring a bottle of eye drop with me! 

Follow these guidelines for good care to extend the life of your contact lenses, and protect the safety and health of your eyes.

1. Always wash your hands with warm water and soap before handling contact lenses or before touching your eyes. Any residue from lotions, soaps, or chemicals may stick to the contact lens, causing pain, irritation, or blurred vision when they are in the eyes. Dry hands with a clean towel.

2. Clean and disinfect contact lenses as prescribed (in a clean case in fresh solution). Different types of contact lenses require special care and certain types of products. Always use the eye care products recommended by your eye doctor. Some eye products or eye drops are not safe for contact lens wearers.

3. Clean your contact lens case after each use with either sterile solution or hot tap water and let air dry.

4. Never use plain water directly on contact lenses, and never put contact lenses in your mouth to "rinse" them. Microorganisms can live in even distilled water, causing infection or sight damage.

5. Clean your contact lens by rubbing it gently with your index finger in the palm of your hand. The newest "No Rub" solutions allow you to rinse your contact lenses without rubbing.

6. If you develop any eye irritation, remove your contact lenses and discontinue use until you talk with your eye doctor. Wearing a contaminated pair of contact lenses will invite the infection to remain. After resuming contact lens use, closely follow your doctor's instructions to help prevent future eye infections.

7. Never wear another person's contact lenses, especially if they have been worn before. Using other people's contact lenses can spread any infection or particles from their eyes to yours.

8. To keep eyes lubricated, use a rewetting solution or plain saline solution. Recommended eye drop is : 

                                       Rohto Eye Drops 
It's refreshing after 1 or 2 drip! Get this from watsons store now! :)

ReNu MultiPlus® Lubricating and Rewetting Drops

 And also Bausch and lomb ReNu Eye drop :D
I'm only using this all the while! Trusted brand too :)

9. Do not sleep with contact lenses in your eyes unless you are prescribed "extended wear" contacts! While the eyes are shut, tears cannot carry healthy amounts of oxygen to the eye, like during the waking hours.

10. Visit your eye doctor immediately if you have any sudden vision loss, persistent blurred vision, light flashes, eye pain, infection, swelling, unusual redness, or irritation.

11. f you accidentally insert contacts inside out, they cannot damage the eyes, but they will be uncomfortable. To avoid this, place contact lens on the tip of your finger so that it is forming a cup. Look at the contact lens from the side. If the cup looks like it is flaring out at the top and has a lip, the contact lens is inside out. If it looks like the letter "U", the contact lens is right side out.

12. Put in contact lenses before applying makeup to avoid contaminating the lenses. When removing your makeup be sure that to wash and dry your hands. Once you have done this, remove your contact lenses and then remove makeup.

13. Don't let the tip of solution bottles touch other surfaces, including fingers, eyes, or contact lenses. The solution can become contaminated.

Visit Duffy Beau now! Friendly owner :D 
Their website : http://www.facebook.com/duffyybeau?fref=ts
(Sorry if you can't really see my eyes with the lenses)

Their service is great, quick response, HUGE variety of lenses that come with the original boxes, owner is reliable and easy to talk to, most importantly is, its affordable! Visit their store now! 

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Dinner gathering

Saturday, October 27, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Dinner gathering
Thanks Karnex for treating us the meal :)
Date : 24 October 2012 (Ignore the photo date, it's set wrongly)

Great place to recommend
Located at Haw Paw Village, the food is free flow.
For lunch, its estimated around $35+ for a person
For dinner, its estimated around $47 for a person

BBQ area ~ 
There's someone helping out to BBQ the meat and food for us.
How awesome could that be?

Table of food! :D 

Free flow of kimchi~ 
Everyone is fighting over it! 

Pork or chicken? Not very sure! :x

Table of FOOD :D 

The 3 ladies
Vanessa (Classmate), ME and Shalyn (Cousin)

Vanessa and ME :D
My buddy cum sister, always there to listen to my crap and stuff :D 
Note* She is younger than me! :x

Photo bombing ~ 

Cousin Shalyn and Vanessa :D 

Cam whoring using my cousin camera! :D It's awesome! Make me feel like changing a new camera! Mine is lousy la! 10 megapixel only! :(

Me, trying to blink my eyes, thinking it would look much cuter, Laugh :)

Rice wine! It's very nice and refreshing! Love it
Rate : 5 stars! :D

Cheers ~ :D

Guess what is this? 

It's actually a coin wet tissue!
What is coin tissue?
A disposable wet tissue that prevents bacteria or mold made by super compressed pure natural material
(viscose felt 100%)

Why do we need to use Coin tissue?
-Easy to carry and use
-Hugienic product that made by yourself without any additives (preservative, fluorescent material, formaldehyde)
-Can be more hygenic than normal wet tissue if you add a cleanser to use
-Handy to use for camping out outing
- Coin tissue requires water as a wet tissue, but if you keep it in normal container or plastic bag, it will be dried just like a tissue.
-If you mix water and cleanser together and keep it in the container, it will be more hygienic.

Tasting the Rice wine, cam whoring again and again! :D 

While waiting for food, we took lots of photos again and again too :D 

me me me! Love to see me ? :x
laugh :)

US again! :D

Look what a photographer does normally before eating? I am one of them! :)

Yum yum ~~ Chu ~ :D

Me and cousin
Looking tired =/

Me and cousin :D 

Nicholas and Boss Karnex :D 
Thanks for the yummy food and treat :D 

Love love :D 

Empty plates :D 

Rice wine :D
Nice and refreshing :D

Heart Shape Watermelon! 
Sweet :D

Rice tea? 
It taste like Barley :)
Very nice! 
Good for after having BBQ :D

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Thank you ^.^