[Product Review: Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses]

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[Product Review]
Freshkon Alluring Eyes Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Thank you Fresh Kon for the box of Alluring Eyes 1 Day Majestic Brown colours lens! It's comfortable with UV inhibitor (blocks 8% of UVA and 96% of UVB), not very dry (with 58% water content, just nice for me!), easy to fit with no curling lens problem and it's brighten up my face too! 😉

Look at the normal plain eye, look bored isn't it? Having the change of brown lens just simply brighten up my face! :) (P.S: Photo taken from Freshkon's website)


Photo Error

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Do note that my webpage has encountered certain issue on photos! Therefore, the post that I've posted before 2016 will be ignore (only for certain post image could be save) due to a change of blogger. Hence most of my photos will be gone (and no longer with me). I will try my best to retrieve as much as I can, however no promise. (Currently retrieving year 2016 image).

Thank you for your support! 😉


[Review: Austorie]

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Thank you Austorie for sending over this pair of shoe! .
AUSTORIE is a trendsetting online store offering excellent quality products and customer service to shoppers. There are a lot of variety of shoes and bags to choose from which are handmade with real leather, and it's comfortable and durable! .
I've chosen the Miley Slip-ons series (brown) which is comfortable yet colourful. The soles are thick and comfy for walking. It is one of the popular pair on their website! 😊
Website: https://www.austorie.com

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[Joyous Day: Cheng yi and Jie lin's Solemnization]

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Received a box of gift from Jie Lin. 😍
Thank you Jielin for preparing gifts for the bridesmaids! Looking forward to the actual day! My bff that has the same surname & horoscope as me! 😙 Chat lots of rubbish (nagging & complaining), from school life to relationship to work life. Probably in future is marriage ah? 😂 Looking forward to have lunch with you soon! 👭

 Yes, definitely agree! Because we have been friends for over 10 years! Still counting with this friendship!

The bridesmaids with the bride!
All are Js
Jane, Joyce, Jielin, Joanne and Jennifer! 👭👭

With my lovely bride, Jie lin! Beautiful lady of the day! :)
Having the opportunity to witness their solemnization, awaiting for their actual day!

We were invited as a guest cum bridesmaids to help out our dearest bride, Jie lin, and have lunch with their family :)
Took several photos after that