[PRODUCT REVIEW]: Atomy Hand Therapy Kit

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Atomy Hand Therapy Kit
Come with Rose Water, Soft Poppy, Citrus Lemon & Shea Butter

Overall Verdict: With the ingredients of Aloe Vera and porulaca oleracea (herbs), helps to relaxes, soften, moisture and brings nutrition to my dry and cracked hands. The texture give me a non sticky and vibrant feeling, what's more about it is that the hand cream is fast in absorption!

Why is it special?
The silky smooth hand after applying the cream. 🙄 The scent of each hand cream smell good too. Specially formulated to release water and feel hydrated for prolonged wear. Definitely must buy! A solution to restore, replenish and protect my hands! 😉 A good replacement for hand mask too.

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