Day 10: Rilakkuma Cafe 拉拉熊咖啡, Wu Fen Pu Wholesale, (Shang Yin Shui Chan // Addiction Aquatic Development)上引水產

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Date: 2nd May 2016

Early in the morning, my eldest sister and I went to Rilakkuma café for bunch! While waiting for the café to be open, we snap several photos outside the café!

Soon after, we went in as we booked an appointment online! Pretty lucky! 

Rilakkuma Cushion was placed on the chairs as well! 

Some walls decorations

Delicious pastries and cakes! 

Also, they are selling soft toy and accessories near to their cashier area! 

Adorable serving plates!! 

Crowds start to flow in! Remember to book your appointment on their Facebook page (pm them)

Ordered the hot chocolate! :)

We head to Wufenpu after that for some shopping sprees! 

During the night time, we had decided to drop by Addiction Aquatic Development)上引水產, for some fresh seafood! Do take note that the restaurant only accept CASH PAYMENT!

Look at the size of the lobster! 

Fresh sashimi! *Slurp*

Snow crab leg? So juicy! The price is also quite nice too. haha

Location: 上引水產 - shang yin shui chan (Taipei, Taiwan)
No. 18, Ln. 410, Alley 2, Minzu Road, Taipei, Taiwan
taste: 9/10
overall quality: 8/10
desire to return: 8.5/10

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