[Dinner with K.S, Advanced Christmas Celebration]

Sunday, December 23, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

[Dinner with K.S, Advanced Christmas Celebration]
[Place : Watami @ Bishan J8]
Date : 17 Dec 2012

Beef Hotpot :D

There's this raw prawn, salmon and scallop!
Very nice, however, I doesn't really like the fresh prawn as the meat was quite soft. It's not like those normal prawn we eat though.

UDON for soup! :D

Fresh Mango Mojito 

Went basement for dessert, I got Durian flake and K.S got Chocolate with Jelly
Please don't be mistaken if you ever saw me walking/eating with a guy. They are my friend, unless you saw me holding hands. I have a lot of friends who I know from my past working place! 

Look at my puffy eye! Really cmi :x

Ending with my tired look :x

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