[Product Review] Atomy Color Food Vitamin C

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[Product Review]
Atomy Color Food Vitamin C (Recommended and sold out fast online) 

[Intake target]
> convenient supplement
> Those with a diet high in meat
> Those with difficulty in keeping a regular dietary life
> Those who lack the intake of fruits and vegetables
> Those in need of nutrient intake that helps iron absorption
> Those who want energy in their repetitive daily life
> Athletes with high activity level and office workers with long working hours
> Kids in growth phase
> Those who need formation and maintenance of connective tissues
> Those who want to protect their bodies from free radicals that
damages cells
[Intake and storage precautions] > Instruct children to avoid excess intake
> Combination with water or beverages recommended for those with difficulties in powder ingestion

Why is Vitamin C essential?
• Unlike plants and most animals, humans are not able to produce Vitamin C, therefore, Vitamin C must be consumed in the form of food.
• Main source of Vitamin C came from fresh vegetables and fruits, but Vitamin C is easily destroyed when cooked.
• Vitamin C, a water soluble nutrient, is absorbed by the body and any excess is lost through urine.
• One of 7 essential nutrients following water, probiotics, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fats

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