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I'm sorry for posting this post up late. 
Product is proudly sponsor by SANA

Detailed Information
SANA Esteny The Massage Cool For Slimming Of Legs is a night gel lotion that makes your skin feel tightened and refreshed by giving a cooling effect. The lotion is infused with beauty liquid with added mint and herb. The mint sensation will make your legs feel like you have tights on, feel softer and much more beautiful with continued use.Your legs feel refreshed in the morning if you apply this product before sleep.The cool-feeling formulation will slim your legs

It's look like a soft jelly. 
Imagine you are eating Jelly. ^.^

This product helps to improve on poor blood circulation through legs, relieve pain (which it's true), best for tired legs (shopping whole day) and slimming of legs too. It is a non rinse-off type.

PROS of this product : Simply love the scent of this product, has the smell of ginger, however, it does not have the green apple smell, and it has this minty cooling feel to ease your sole, ankle and knee. It wasn't sticky and best of all its cooling on my legs! My legs do feel good the next morning without any pain. 

Oh ya, the good thing about this product is that you does not need to wash it away as its a non rinse-off type. After applying, you have to massage it onto the area you want and leave it there for a night. Remember to wash your hand after applying! Totally work for my legs! 

CONS of this product: After trying this product for almost a week or more, I do not see any changes of my legs. Maybe it helps to ease pain and tightened your skin. 

Conclusion: What I feel about Esteny The Massage Cool, it does not slim my legs (maybe because I've used it for a week or more only), will be continuing to use this product to check if there's any changes.  However, it does relieved pain for my legs area. 
Well, I believed exercising is still the best way! 

For more information about this product, you may visit SANA Singapore Facebook Page. 

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[NON-SPONSORED REVIEW : Oxytarm 3 Days Starter Pack]

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[NON-SPONSORED REVIEW : Oxytarm 3 Days Starter Pack]

Try it! :D

Oxytarm 3 Days Starter Pack
Just started trying out on Thursday! If you are trying to lose weight in a safe way, try this! 

Lose 1 KG in Seven days! A trusted and leading European beauty supplement for 15 years. 

Oxytarm contains magnesium, oxygen enhanced vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids. Together these ingredients gently cleanses your body by removing the accumulated toxins and waste. 

No Caffeine, No laxatives, Vegetarian friendly, Formulated in Norway.

Simply send a email to info@oxytarm-ap.com with your name and house address to request for a pack. 
Subject : 3 days oxytarm starter
For more information, check out their website : www.oxytarm-ap.com

Like them in Facebook too. Search : oxytarm for promotion etc.

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Fresh Tomatoes and Japanese Cucumber! :D
I don't really take raw tomato as the taste is quite awful. But I've been trying my best to eat it as it is very healthy! :D
You can also used it to mask your face and eyes too! It's a great way to reduce eye circle with cucumber

Fresh Celery
I do take raw celery and cooked celery! Both ways are great! :D

Fresh lettuce!
The taste was so crispy :D

Purple cabbage! 
(I don't like it. Aww, but still adding in to my salad meal)


The sauce of the salad was very plain! Well, so just eat it plainly! :D
Stay healthy and exercise more by doing some cardios! 
I'm following the steps in a app in my ipod! :D
So tough than anything else! 
Yes, and I believe I can do it! :D 


[Christmas Eve Celebration and Countdown]

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[Christmas Eve Celebration and Countdown]
[Location : At my house]
[Date : 24 Dec 2012]

Table of food! YES! FOOD!
Cooked by my family! :D


Baked Cheese Potatoes with Bacon Bits

Ham with Cheese etc 

Arnott's Salada Cracker with cheese and tomato (Australia) 
Handmade by my elder sister

Honey Baked Chicken

Black Pepper Chicken

Roasted Turkey (Cousin Gotten this)

Apple Raisins Salad with Vanilla Yogurt

Baked Pasta (Cheese from Australia) 

Salad with tomato 

Sister cooked this :D

Mushroom Soup with bread stick

Fried Rice with Salted Fish 
(My mum cooked this) 

Caramel Pudding 
(My friend Vanessa made this dessert)

Almond Jelly
(Joanne made this)

Chocolate Mashmallow (Joanne)

Ferrero Rocher and Mars Chocolate
(Qiumin's got all this)

Packets drinks 

Lychee with Volka :D

2nd Sister with her BF, Julian 

My cousin, Shalyn :D

ME and Qiu Min 

ME and Vanessa

 My cousin, Shalyn and ME

No idea why she got in a shock. LOL

Posing ~ 

Everyone looking at them only!

My family! 

With Dad's God Son, Roy! Who is also my cousin!

2nd Sister!

We had fun, we had joy, we had a great celebration/party! 

Group photos! 

Sweet couple isn't it ? 

With Karnex, Shalyn and ME!
Asked karnex take photos, must pull and force. He doesn't want to take photos with us! :x

ME and Qiumin! 
She's too quiet already! 

Vanessa and Qiumin! 

ME and Joanne! 
My friend since ITE first year till now! 7 years of friendship! 

Me passing Qiumin the graduation gift! :D
 Hope she like it!

Wishing you guys a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Casual Photoshoot! :D

Bleahs :D

The mess!

Joanne, ME and Yang kai! 

ME, Karnex and Shalyn! 

ME, Shalyn and Vanessa!

Julyn and Julian!

ME, Qiu min and Vanessa!



Styling my hair, like Lady Gaga, failed though due to my layer hair! Photos will be shown after that! LOL

Then, my 2nd sister came in to make her hair! 

The bow and tiara ! 


Helper of the day! LOL


Cute effect! No idea how I make it!


Having fun! :D

ME with them! :D

Taking photos is so tiring and also could be damn fun! 

Shalyn with Jilian (My elder sister)




Thanks karnex for the log-cake!

Tired look =/ 

With presents!

Unwrapping presents! 

Sweet couple! 

Cousin's Family!

Piggy back her! LOL

My mum and me! :D

ME with Edwin, the future KPOP Star! :D

Vanessa and Joanne!

Enjoyable! :D

[Date : 25 Dec 2012]

The decorations, hair clips, mask, hair band and hats! 

Couple put the mask on the elephant! LOL

This is what I did to my Rilakkuma! :D

And my dearest PIGLET! 

Polariod Photos! :D

That's me looking so tired already ='/

Salmon! :D


My Decorations board for photos! 

Thank you for spending your precious time to read my blog.

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