Overdue post

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[Overdue post due to exams]

While preparing for exams, Esther sissy came Singapore for a short tour. I'm feeling bad because I could not meet her, and yet she prepared some gifts for me which utterly make me felt so touched! :)
Thanks little sister! :D

This is a bag of stuff she actually prepared for me. 
How sweet was she :D

Fishball cracker!
Gosh! childhood cracker

Extremely in love with the Rice Cracker, aww
Can I have more? It's super nice!
My mum and sister actually was sharing with me!

When I read the description, it stated, porridge sauce etc?
Not really sure. Have not try it.

And then, at a corner I saw this cute little box!

Oh gosh! How sweet is her?! :D :D 
Love it alot!

A message to dear Esther, 
if you are viewing my blog, thanks for the effort of packing and giving all this gifts.
Thanks mei mei! :D

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