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This review came at the correct timing. Why is it so? Because of the photo below. :x

I have been asking my mum to buy Durian back home for us as I'm craving for it. Who know, eat and eat = causing myself to get sore throat the next following days. However, there's a way to cure my sore throat! :D

How does Three Legs Pe Pa Kao - Sore Throat Syrup work?

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao is the concoction of 15 premium Chinese herbs. It has been used traditionally to relieve cough, sore throat, loss of voice and reduce phlegm. Three Legs Pe Pa Kao is also useful in relieving sore throat due to excessive drinking, smoking and lack of sleep. It can be refrigerated for a more soothing taste. Three Legs Pe Pa Kao - Sore Throat Syrup has a pleasant tasting, perfect for adults as well as children that are very particular about the taste of medication.

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao is also HALAL CERTIFIED, so Muslims can consumed it safely.

The bottle of this Pe Pa Kao uses a non-spill flip top cap, non-breakable (tried it while throwing it on the floor, so you do not need to worry about dropping the bottle and breaking it :x) and easy to carry around. 

Trying it out. It's sticky and do give me a minty feel. Best for throat irritation like me! 


For Adult : 2 teaspoons (10ml) each time, 3 times a day. 
3-12 years : 1 teaspoon (5ml) each time, 3 times a day.

PROS of taking Three Legs Pe Pa Kao: 

This Traditional Chinese remedy have great remarks about the effectiveness of the product in reducing cold symptoms, coughing and sore throat as well. There are no side effects noted with regular use since Chinese herbs have been used for centuries now in the treatment of illnesses and have been found safe to use it. 

CONS of taking Three Legs Pe Pa Kao:

None for me. However, Three Legs Pe Pa Kao herbal ingredients may also have an adverse reaction to any medication that you are currently taking, or any medication for any illness or health condition, so do consult your doctor before taking this medication.


Three Legs Pe Pa Kao - Soothing sore throat and relieving colds. It is easy to open (however, maybe for me, I find it difficult to open the bottle (90ml), effective and very handy to have it anytime you need to relieve cough and throat irritation.

This herbal remedy is certainly a great choice for your throat and cough. It does reduce phlegm and nourish lungs as well. 

Three Legs Pe Pa Kao can be found at any NTUC FairPrice, Chinese Medical Halls and Unity.

Thanks to Wen Ken Marketing Pte Ltd.

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