Throwback Christmas Celebration at my house

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Christmas Eve Celebration
[Date: 24 December 2013]

Bacon wrap which is the famous one.
(Handmade by me. this was the fast clear dish! :D)

Baked cheese potatoes 

Curry Chicken

Mixed fruits/salad

Table of foods!

With our exchange presents! :D

The cousin and friends 

Christmas Present! :D
Thank you!

Gift from Jie lin, loots from Taiwan
Thanks babe! :D

Karnex and me :D

Logcake by Karnex
Thank you!

With my parents :D

And this is me, wearing maxi dress showing my tummy
Dress: Forever 21

Joanne's showing boobs ^^

Bao yi and me! :D

Jasmine and me! :D

Jie lin and me! :D
The big boobs she's trying to show. LOL

Peipei and me!

Roy and me! :D
The cousin 

Yang kai and me. 
Joanne's Fiance 

Me and edwin (the kpop star)
Yup! He always dress like one. My cousin 

PB and me! :D

Family ~ 
With the god son :)

Group Polaroid photos ~  

Round balloons, On sales too.
Pastel colours

Heart shape balloon decorations.
I'm selling this too. Interested parties, do email too :) 

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