Day 8: Departing Taichung, Xi Men Ding,

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Day 8: The next day and last day at Taichung 

Xiao Liu Qiu
Checked out from Hotel in the morning at Taichung, then went around to search for the cat's shop! Can't believed that they do have a huge store selling pet's accessories etc! 

Walked past SOGO Shopping mall and saw the adorable banner around, hence decided to take a photo with it.

Heading towards the Cat's store located at Taichung :) 

While waiting for the cat's shop to be open at 11am. Bought what we want and left. Follow by looking for a place for lunch. Decided to settle our lunch at SOGO Shopping mall, having yuan yang steamboat. 

Spot some stray cats around :)


Went back hotel, packed up and left via cab. OTW to railway station! 

Waiting for railway station


Order bian tang and it taste great! The chicken teriyaki set and noodle set! 

Went Xi Men Ding to shop, saw a stall selling accessories and the owner have 2 adorable kittens! OMG! 😍😍

Loots of the night! Seriously, tons of facial/foot/hand masks, and we bought some cosmetics as well! 

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Day 7 Part 3: Taichung - Princess Annie’s Garden Restaurant, Feng Jia Night Market

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Xiao Liu Qiu
Upon reaching Princess Annie's Garden Restaurant Entrance, my sister alight as took a picture! 

The restaurant is open to public to take photos, and during the weekend they do have children music/drawing programs.

Lovers Cottage 😊

Map to go around to take some photos
Admission is free! 

Bought Rose tea and waffles for snack 
Thumb up for the food and literally, the place is good for chilling, and during evening time, it will be cold! 

No, I am not pregnant, its because I've been eating and eating!! 

A huge Cinderella shoe! 

Spotted cats around the area as well! So Cute

Took some props inside the hut house, supposedly is for tourists to take photos! 😏 Mega lots of photos that we have taken! 

Where's my another half? 

Playing a fake piano.

Do you want some milk?

We end our trip at the mountain, headed to our next destination at Taichung! 
Check in Airline Inn Green Park Way

Location: Check location No. 22, Section 1, Meicun Road, West District, 403 Taichung, Taiwan

After checking in, we left the hotel for some food! Heading Fengjia Ye Shi! 

Met Joanne & Yang kai over there as they will be leaving the next day! There are a lot of people around so beware of your bags. Manage to shop and grab some bites! 😋

Grilled Pork which is juicy and delicious! 100NTD

Went over to queue for Takopachi (long queue) but taste so good! Even more tasty than the one Singapore is selling. If you are at Taiwan, remember to buy it! 

Skyblue bag shop! I used to be a online fashion seller, and organize sprees from Taiwan! Skyblue is one of the shop that I host. After a decade, I realised that the bags is no longer the style I like. It's pretty late already, all of us headed back to our hotel and rest. 

My unglam eldest sister. 1 of the hotel that I would recommended! Bed is super comfortable! Cosy little hotel with Airline feel! It is just 2-minute walking distance to Kuangsan SOGO Department Store and Park Lane by Splendor. It features airplane-themed guestrooms with free WiFi access. The room is air conditioned and has a flat-screen TV. Also, there are free toiletries and a hairdryer can be found at the bathroom. The hotel is just about 2 years old when we checked in! (New hotel!)

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