My Birthday celebration 2014

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Celebrated my birthday on my actual day with my classmates at BFF. BFF stand for Batter Fluffy Flaps! 
A place that sell affordable pasta, drinks and delicious pancake and waffles! 

While waiting, taking some shot by Ms Vanessa, my personal photographer :D

With the 2 guys behind .. 

And me, the birthday girl. Oh well, Hello everyone!

At BFF! 
Meh Meh ~ 

With the disturbing people! :D

First take - FAILED, Bo (being covered)

2nd take - B being covered! 

3rd take! Finally! :D 

The ordering area .. 


Oh ya, they offered 1 to 1 pasta (Weekdays from Monday to Thursday only) If I am not wrong. :x Which is a great deal!

Some cool wall decorations/photo frame

Chicken chop with salad and BBQ sauce

Fruity Smoothie, Monkey Mocha, Ice lemon tea and (forgotten)

Chicken chop with salad and tomato sauce 

Some random shot by friends... lol 

Represent you with the meh meh (sheep)

YES, Happy Birthday to me! :x

My lovely pancake! :D

The friends who remembered and celebrated my birthday with me! 

Making a wish ... 

Blowing the candle ! 

There my friends again, being random shot by a guy friend. lol 

Do visit their website for more information if you are going down..

I went off with my female friend to town to get my birthday present too. It was a tiring day choosing what I want within $100 budget. :x

Time was about 5plus when we reach Somerset. So went went Dean & Deluca to chill. Found rainbow cake there. But to my surprise, the sweetness is ultimately sweet till cannot make it. Not recommended. 

Took some photos with my friend and she bully me by putting cream on my nose! :/ 

Thank you for all the presents! :D

Back home, I received 3 cakes. Big, Medium and Small cakes. :x 

My eldest sister got me the bigger strawberry cake, 2nd sister got me the small strawberry cake. 

My mum bought me a fruit cake! :D

With my 2nd sister :D

With mommy! 

Making wishes :D

Blowing the candles ~ 

Ending my day with the celebration! 

Thank for the wonderful days with friends and family!

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