[Product Review]: Atomy Rose Rain Mist 

Saturday, August 26, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Atomy Rose Rain Mist 
艾多美韩国 玫瑰喷雾

Essential mist, containing all the functions of toner, essence, and nutrition

  • Sprays out into a fine mist, and fills up the dry and tired skin with lasting moisture.
  • Natural rosewater refreshes your skin.
  • No Benzophenone, artificial color, artificial scent, sulfate-surfactant, acrylamide, or mineral oil added
Lavender Extract (for calming effect), Centella extract (damaged skin treatment and resilience care, skin trouble and root care), Bamboo water (makes the skin pure and clean, hydration), Fig extract (takes care of dry itchiness and skin treatment), lastly, Aloe water (stress relief). 

Overall verdict:
When your face look dry or tired, you can resort to use the rose rain mist at once. Keep it at a distance of about one arm length, and spray it directly on to your face with eyes closed. Use it after shower to stay fresh for long time.

A toner is highly nutritious and rich in its essence. Everyone knows pretty well that rose water refreshes skin. It is the main ingredient in making of Rose rain mist.
Simply love the rose scent when it is spray onto my face! That is why I love rose!

If you are interested, kindly email me for more information. 

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Anmyna Rose tea

Saturday, August 19, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Roses are commonly known as beautiful, aromatic decorative pieces. However, there are medicinal properties of a cup of tea brewed with the petals of these flowers. 

It is good for whitening, nourishing and deeply moisturising elements for supple skin. Special for regulating menstruation, relieving pain, improve blood circulation, liver health and mood booster. Moreover, it also relieve fatigue, constipation and improve digestion. Also, Boost detoxification system for efficient elimination of toxins. 

It does not have any sweet taste (like oolong tea) but smell like rose! If you are experiencing mensual cramps every month, this is the tea you should buy! Also, you may also drink it after lunch for detoxing! 

If you are interested to purchase, it come with 15g and 30g. Currently, my friend is selling this rose tea at a promotion price, Buy 1 get 1 FREE promotion. Send me a message or email to let me know you're interested! 


Atomy Slim Body Shake

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Atomy Slim Body Shake (Green Tea Protein) coming soon in Singapore! 
Remember to grab yours when it's launch in Singapore.
Highly recommended as it taste so nice!

PS: Kindly note that this product is not selling in Singapore yet. But at other country! 

All you have to do is to add 165ml of water to the bottle, shake upside down and drink it. It is mainly for people who are busy or skip breakfast. If you have a habit of not eating breakfast or on a diet, it's easy to accumulate fat after eating less. Do not skip breakfast.

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[Media Invitation / Food Review: Wheat Cook Me]

Tuesday, August 01, 2017 Unknown 0 Comments

[Media Invitation / Food Review]

Nowadays since I'm moving towards a healthy diet, slimming down etc. Have been a supporter for wheatbaumkuchen as all their range of food is just healthy for us! Went down to Cook Me yesterday at Raffles exchange. Being surprise to see that all of their dry tossed ramen and rice bowls, are priced at $9.90 nett! Fuss free payment with just a single $10 note 😊
I ordered the roast beef Furikake Pearl rice bowls topped with a sous vide egg, shredded cucumber and beansprout. I love how the taste is mixed with, simple and healthy. More importantly, it can keep me full! Will be back to support the rest ramen which I'm yet to try! 😋 .
They are located at 5 Raffles Exchange, Raffles Place (above the station), #B1-32/33