[Product Review]: Atomy Rose Rain Mist 

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Atomy Rose Rain Mist 
艾多美韩国 玫瑰喷雾

Essential mist, containing all the functions of toner, essence, and nutrition

  • Sprays out into a fine mist, and fills up the dry and tired skin with lasting moisture.
  • Natural rosewater refreshes your skin.
  • No Benzophenone, artificial color, artificial scent, sulfate-surfactant, acrylamide, or mineral oil added
Lavender Extract (for calming effect), Centella extract (damaged skin treatment and resilience care, skin trouble and root care), Bamboo water (makes the skin pure and clean, hydration), Fig extract (takes care of dry itchiness and skin treatment), lastly, Aloe water (stress relief). 

Overall verdict:
When your face look dry or tired, you can resort to use the rose rain mist at once. Keep it at a distance of about one arm length, and spray it directly on to your face with eyes closed. Use it after shower to stay fresh for long time.

A toner is highly nutritious and rich in its essence. Everyone knows pretty well that rose water refreshes skin. It is the main ingredient in making of Rose rain mist.
Simply love the rose scent when it is spray onto my face! That is why I love rose!

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