Nutella Marshmallow Milk

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Before I start making Nutella Marshmallow Milk, I took this cereals for my breakfast! 
Normally what I have for my breakfast was NOTHING, yes, I don't take breakfast! 
Normally is brunch. :)

Ingredients needed : Marshmallows, Milk and Nutella! 

A cup at your choice!

Milk (I'm using Low Fat Milk)

Adding 2 - 3 scoop is enough, not too much or else, it could be very sweet! Aww! 

I had to change the small cup to a big cup as my cup can't fit in the marshmallow :x
Microwave it for 30 - 1 min, depending how hot you want


With melting marshmallow!
I did not manage to finish the whole cup as I find it too sweet for me. 

Rating : 2.5 out of 5!
Try it out on your own and let me know how was it? 

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