[Isabelle's 1st Birthday Celebration at Pasir Ris Costa Sand]

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[Isabelle's 1st Birthday Celebration at Pasir Ris Costa Sand]
Date : 17 November 2012

Got invited to a secondary school classmate baby's 1st birthday celebration. It was a drizzling day. 

Look at the banner! Make till so nice!
Mummy loves Hello kitty, so baby girl must follow too! :D

There are quite a number of kids and babies around too! 

Yummy food!
Cupcake, Fried Chicken Wing, Fish Ball, Fried Scallop, Chicken, Chocolate cream puff

(Opps, are you feeling hungry now? :x ) 


Mushroom with veggies kailan ~ 

Curry Chicken, Fried rice, hash-brown and egg tarts!  

What a beautiful cake! :D

That the mommy with cute little Isabelle! :D
So cute isn't it?

Lastly, Sarah give me this door gift that she have prepared for the young guest!
hahahaha! :D

The rest of the photos is not with me, will be updating this post at a later date when I got all the photos :D

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