Late post: Meet up with Lam ~

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My long time no see friend ~
Goodbye and take care 肥仔 cum handsome dude. Stop eating and spending so much! Please get some exercise soon! You  this fatty bom :D
Bon Voyage! See you in December! 

The tired me. Lol~ stay safe at Switzerland and study hard

One of the friend that would always disturb me although we lost contact for the past few years. And YES, we knew each other for about 5-6 years through a game called "FFS", which means friends for sales. Oh ya, if you are wondering, we are closed friend only, but not GF/BF. so no ship here and there :p 

This lengzai is still single and available, studying at Switzerland right now! *OPPS* cannot imagine if he saw this blog post and want to stab me! :x (P.S, help you advertise for a GF, should be grateful to me) LOL just kidding! :)

Dessert at ice lab during a cold day is really crazy. But who cares? 😅😅
Ordered Chocolate ice, $15.90. But seriously, it does not worth the price. 
Thank you 肥仔 for the treat!

Come back to SG soon for a short staycation and let me bully you! :p


Review: Purina Friskies

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Thank you Purina Friskies for sending over the treats for@phoebe_luxy! They simply love to eat the seafood sensations (ocean whitefish, salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab & seaweed) as all of this ingredients was their favourite! And not to mention the wet food - Flaked with tuna! 😋 both of them took turns to sniff the treats!. 


Throwback: Happy Birthday to myself!

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Date: 4 August 2016! 
So basically I'm one year older already. Time flies so fast! Getting old :3

Earlier on brunch at Watami ~ Thanks for having student meal!
Ishiyaki salmon & lkura gohan with salmon and salmon roe rice in hot pot set~ 
The most nom nom set meal I ever like! 

Deep fried French Bean with dried shrimp
One of my favourite veggie! 

Spicy Sambal Clams 
This dish comes with a sweet sambal taste which makes it easy to eat the lala (clams). Meat does not stick to the shell itself too! :p 

Hot Plate Tofu
Not surprised with its popularity, one of the dish where many people would ordered!
Because it contains the many ingredients
(Deep fried tofu, prawns, vegetables, eggs and etc)

Cereal Prawn
Probably the most popular zhi char dish, my all time favourite crispy prawns with cereal. 
In fact, over the time I do not know if I am eating the cereal or the prawn more. :x

Which one do you prefer nomming? 
The prawn or the cereal?

Chili Crab
The most famous of all zhi char dish! We ordered additional pack of buns to dip into the chili sauce, however, the bun is not as crispy as we thought. It wasn't golden brown. Quite disappointed as I've to fried it again! :/ But nevertheless, the crab is delicious! 
Being a seafood lover, I am not fussy over with food! 

Creamy Salted Egg Crab
Made with a generous amount of salted egg, the sauce is distinctly rich and addictive. Dipping with the bun with its sauce, you will definitely drools! 

Photo Left: Taken during after. Sleepy face after class
Photo right: Taken after dinner. The happy not happy face! :p

and yes, that's me with my spec. Waited my dad to be home at 11pm (he went out for badminton game), and started with my mini celebration with my family! 

Thank you everyone for the blessed wishes! And thank you for spamming my phone as well as all of my other social media platform!


NICEDAY Taiwanese Dessert

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Nice day dessert at tiong bahru. I love it! Will try out the others soon. 
This is their signature dessert which had the mixtures of everything - $5.40
Mochi balls, yam balls, grass gelly, azuki red bean, aloe vera, pearls etc 


Nice day dessert at tiong bahru. This time round, I ordered Grass Jelly Nata Mochi Bowl - $.4.50
Soft grass jelly topped with taro q, sweet potato q, mini mocho balls which I extremely love it, nata de coco and black sugar kanten balls!


Matcha Eggette Cup - $6.80 
Really worth it, the eggettes were freshly served with a scoop of green tea ice cream together with red bean. On top of the ice cream was a scoop of whipped cream which I do not like it. The lady finger biscuit can be eaten with the matcha ice cream.

Do visit this place during non peak period, or else you got to queue up as NICEDAY Taiwanese Desserts occupies a small space only. It get really packed during peaked period


Osmanthus Polo Ice - $6.80 
I heard of Osmanthus Jelly before, but not the ice kind! So its pretty surprised to see it on the menu, and without thinking much, we ordered this to try! However, the taste of Osmanthus flower is not so strong. So we did not really like it. 

Underneath is grass jelly, azuki red bean, mochi balls, taro Q and etc. Taste not bad. Guess will be trying the matcha and other flavour soon!