Kenting Day 2 (1 day tour)

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Kending Second Day

Here start our Day 2 tour with a driver cum tour guide. At the end of the blog post, his name and contact will be stated there. Please note that this blog post will be spammed with photos. Please leave a message if you have anything to ask. 

Date: 24 April 2016

While waiting for our breakfast to arrive ...
Complementary breakfast consist of watermelon, pineapple tart, sandwich.
Choice of coffee/tea
Breakfast in the minsu (sandwich and tea) 

As you can see, there are many tourists around. So I have no choice, many people photobombed my pictures! 

The clear water

Me and my eldest sis.
Photo credit to Xiao Hua, our driver cum tour guide

Trying so hard to snap a picture with the little white house right behind of us. Success! Really love the beach area.. 

Visiting the local famous Eluanbi White Lighthouse where many tourists would visit. Even weekdays, there are lots of tourists bus there. Entrance ticket to go in, driver did not follow us in. 1 ticket cost 60 NTD. 

鵝鑾鼻灯塔 (Eluanbi Lighthouse) Address: No. 90, Dengta Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung Country, Taiwan 946

The big grass garden at one of the area located at Eluanbi White Light House 

Us, at the big garden or something. And the weather is really hot, so we got to take the photos really fast and move to the shelter area. 

Eluanbi White Light House (a lady photobombed us)

Walking in to the trees areas ..

Took a nice picture between 2 big trees. We just feel that it's special

It is really very sunny, hot weather. Do remember to apply sunblocked/lotion on your face to legs before going out. Or else you will get sun burned for sure. (like us) 

My eldest sister went down a slope to the sea area.. 

And so, the driver went down to find her

Help them to take some photos as well when I'm at the top, and they are asking me to stroll down to take some nice photos. Someone came up to hold me down, so .......

That's the driver who my eldest sister is recommending me to consider. LOL

We went several beaches. hence I can't give a clear details on which beaches we had went.. it's too long and the driver recommended us to go. 

Xiao Hua recommend us to take some photos in the middle of the road as there are no cars or buses. Hence we took some with the special effects of the sun lights. 

Black Cave or something?

Next, we went to an area near 佳樂水 Jia Le Shui for lunch as we are starving already. Having some seafood feast there, and we overspent it! Goshh!

We ordered the local mushroom which taste like sea cucumber, chewy kind (but I do not like it)

Just some vegetables to try. They farm it themselves, so I believed its healthy

Fresh Oyster which I don't find it very fresh as the oyster is still sticking to the shell. However, you may still order it to try. Different people with different stomach :)

Spicy clams which we really love it! Nom nom! Whole plate cleared!

I can't remember what is this but the meat is just too hard for me to bite 

Ordered 2 crabs and I really love it. Eat till very unglam. 

Look at the table feast! Yumm! Our meal of the day starts now! :) 

There a place nearby that could view the stone display, however we are not a fan of it so we didn't not pay to go in. 

Oh ya, did I ever mentioned that we this is our first time riding this truck? It's really exciting where the driver would drive us around the sand area up and down, its like flying off the truck so you have to hold it tight! There is also a cushion behind the truck in case you can't hold it well and fall off, kind of a protection. We also went through the water part where we got ALL WET. yes, ALL WET! We did not expect this and did not bought along additional set of clothes. Hence, we just wash off the sand and dry our clothes only! :x

Driver helping us to take several special photos at the beach area! 

Just a selfie shot after the exciting ride!

After washing up ourselves

Me with the boss. 墾丁飆沙達人.
Do remember to leave a message (Facebook) any enquiries before going down although no reservation is needed! Even the boss's son and wife is out there helping out with the business. Thumb up! Meimei (Boss youngest daughter is very cute and is loitering around the shop)

Boss and my eldest sister :)
Lady boss brought my sister out to play on her own and she told me its extremely fun! 

Sunset ~ 

Then, Xiao Hua recommended us to go 出火 Chu Huo. It is one of the tourists attraction when you can put fireworks/firecrackers and also BBQ marshmallow as well as popcorn! It is my first time in life BBQing a popcorn. Quite interesting. 

There's a vendor selling popcorn and fireworks right outside the car park area. 

Anyway, back to the topic. Chu Huo is a small area where natural gases are emitted from underground. Once there's a fire source, the fire will continuously burn. A “miracle” of mother nature whereby the flame never dies (hence it is called the eternal flame). However, fire weakens after a rain which was what happened when we went. Hence, you will only see a small amount of fire portion on the group. According to the driver, there won't be fire during cold season too. 

Making our own popcorn with the help of Xiao Hua! :)
The popcorn turned out to be sweet and a little salty as well! 
Address: 259-2 Héngdōng Road, Hengchun Township, Taiwan

70 NTD Pasta from the street market for my last day dinner!
And that's the end of our 10 hour one day tour around Kenting. 

Kending First Day: