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Monday, November 26, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Sorry to my dear readers, friends, fans or whoever who read my blog. The last few days I was down with flu and sore throat. And then, headache attacked! What I guess was because I was mugging (studying) till late midnight, YES, 3 - 4 am in the morning. Therefore, I fall sick. =( 

Haven been receiving samples, contest won items and sponsored products for reviewing. Do give me some days time to blog about it after 6 Dec, I am still very focusing for my exams and right now I am spending a few minutes to blog about this few weeks stuff. 

For those people who are always here for my blog, no worries, giveaway session will be coming !! Yes, 5 items to giveaway! So stay tune! :D  

Any Reviews, Advertisements Enquiries or Advertorial needs, do email to princess-lifestories@hotmail.sg! 

Have a nice day on my page :)

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Mate Tea Sample Trial

Friday, November 23, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments


Like their Facebook Page for more information about the tea or milk sample trial at : http://www.facebook.com/ripple.com.sg (REDEMPTION CLOSED)

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Heroine Make Singapore BB Cream Sample Trial

Thursday, November 22, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Heroine Make Singapore BB Cream Sample Trial 

Like their Facebook Page for future contest or sample trial at : http://www.facebook.com/HeroineMakeSingapore/app_213564948660624 
(Samples is fully redeemed)

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Contest won - melody mask

Monday, November 19, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

[CONTEST WON ITEM : Melody Mask]

Received this email in a surprise, YES, I won the Melody Mask! Thanks Secretive.sg! :D

Sexylook mask sample from Secretive too :D
Both arrived at the same timing 

Here is my Melody Mask! 
Simply love the packaging as it's cute :)

Sexylook Red Wine Mask
This was the requested mask that I asked for :D

They are also selling these mask at their website, do drop by to purchase! Web : http://secretive.sg/
And also available at all Watsons stores! 

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Exams period

Saturday, November 17, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

Hi guys, sorry for late posting. I'll be having my exams soon so I won't be around doing blogging till my last paper which is 6 of December! But there will be some schedule post, auto-ing posting up the post that I have already prepared. :D

When I'm back already, there will be sponsored post, product review and a few of giveaway session with you guys :)

So do get back here regularly! 

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Skin LAB skin care Review

Friday, November 16, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

[REVIEW : Skin LAB skin care ]

Vitamins do offer various benefits to the skin as suppression of pigmentation & Bruising, refinement of the skin surface and stimulation of collagen synthesis. 

The effect is particularly free radicals generated by UV light or pollutants are effectively neutralised and no longer able to damage your skin cells. 

How to use?
For me, I apply it during Morning and Evening, once or twice a day. Then, at the final stage of skincare, apply appropriate amount on the face.

Products : 
A Plus Lifting
Soothes the skin to prevent wrinkles and aging. Restores rough skin damage by UV light. Their main ingredient contain Vitamin A, Copper, Sweet almond and Adenosine

B Plus Trouble-X
Repressing proliferation of bacteria and increasing resistance from harmful stimulus, and help in treatment, safe for moisturizing troubled skin. Their main ingredient contain Vitamine B, Zinc, Tea tree oil, Agimony extract and Calamine Power

C plus Brightening
It helps to brighten the skin tone by inhibiting melanin product. It brightens dark skins from continuous exposing to sunlight, also free your skins from free radical attacks. Their main ingredient contain Vitamin C, Manganese, Acerola extract and a-bisabolol

E plus Moisturizing
It prevents skin damages and makes skin smooth by protecting cell membrane. It helps to maintain healthy via strong antioxidant. Their main ingredient contain Vitamin E, Selenium and Inca omgega oil

K plus Red-X Skin tone Care
It removes redness by binding the capilaries and veins in skin tissues, providing nutrients to under eyes, make them bright, alleviating appearance of dark. Their main ingredient contain Vitamin K, Magnesium and Broccoli extract

Pros : Affordable, Absorbs quickly into skin, Not sticky nor oily at all
Cons : None!
Rated : 5 out of 5! :D
A product that I would recommend to all my friends to try it out! 

All Skin & Lab's products consists of hypoallergenic materials passed with strict skin test approved by KDA (Korea) and has received the Product Notification from HSA (Singapore).

Grab your sample at their Facebook Page, you have to like their page before doing anything else.  Website : http://www.facebook.com/SkinnlabSG?fref=ts , Sample link : http://www.facebook.com/SkinnlabSG/app_201742856511228 , Online Retail Shop Link : http://www.skinnlab.com.sg/ (They are selling their products as cheap as $14.90 only!)

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Thursday, November 15, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

LOCATION : Marina Square Shopping Center, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-128A Singapore 039594
DATE : 13 Nov 2012
Photography & Edited: BY ME! :D

Woke up early in the at 10 am, wash up and prepared myself for my parents company D&D buffet lunch. Headed over to Marina Square, Paris International buffet. 

My hair couldn't make it that morning, HAH~

But then it got better soon :D 

My sister told me to crop her away as she look ugly in this photo! HAHA! I did it okay, JU! So don't accused me already!

Me and my 2nd sister :D 

I love this simple photo of myself :D 

Starting with raw food :D 
So by now you people should know what types of food I love to eat most. Just look at my blog, definitely you will know it!

I love the seaweed! It's so nice! 

Fresh Salmon! 
I don't really eat Salmon till there's a day, my family people told me that its a waste that I do not know how to eat Salmon as its expensive. So, I took up the first step to try, from cooked Salmon to the raw Salmon! So by then, I start eating Salmon! :D

Fish fillet Salmon and Tuna Salmon
It's not my favorite, taste odd to me. my sister love it though. 

Mussels, Clams, Scallops and Big Fresh Prawn

This salty chili clams taste with a coffee smell
Kinda weird thought, I wondered if they marinate it with coffee ? 

Fresh Scallop
It's pretty plain, so I actually eat it with chili sauce :)

Mussels :D 
Mixed well with chili!

Their prawn is very big and prawn
The skin doesn't stick to the meat itself
My favorite! :D 

Black Pepper Crab
Tell you guys this little story, when my sister and I was walking out to take our first dish, I saw their chef carrying out the crab, by less than 10 seconds, YES, 10 SECONDS, IT'S GONE! It's so scary can! Luckily for my sis and me, we got a plate for ourselves :D

Japanese Fish Head and Salmon Fish Head
I didn't eat this, my mum and dad was eating and enjoying it a lot as they got this omega stuff at their stomach, which is pretty healthy! 

Shark fin soup
Eww, the taste wasn't so good. Perhaps, its the reason why didn't I put vinegar in? 

Spring roll, Beef, Fish and Cheese Mussels
Oh my! All are nice :D 

All the soup~ 
And there's this mee sua also, not recommended to eat, it's not really nice for me. Not very sure for other

Chicken Herbal Soup
Taste super nice, they have this ling zhi* inside! :D
Drink this to get healthy 

Crocodile Meat Soup
Drank a few spoon and passed it to my sister and mum! :D
We actually shared the soup as we are too full to try all bowls of soups there! 

I can't really remember what is this soup name as.
It's a healthy soup that is good for your skin. I drink it for 3 times! :D

Fruit Punch 

Fresh Oyster
Eww! I don't eat the raw Oyster. It taste so sucks to me! =/
Well, out of my family, only me doesn't like it.
And there goes to what my dad said again

Him: Very wasted, why you don't like to eat? Whole family got eat...
Me: It smelly and taste so disgusting to me!
Him : It's not smelly and disgusting. Put some lemon will do.
Me : Don't want la, I don't like it! ARGH! Don't force me! 
Him : ................! 
Me : Yay* I won! :D

Snail ~ 
Oh well, I don't eat this. 
Saw my mum and her clerk eating this. 
It's so sinful can! =/ 

Apple Salad
I only eat the apple and cherry!
Overall, it taste good. Took a small portion yet I did not finished it too :x

Chili Mussels
This is nice! :D 

Ice cream
Flavor I too was : Mango, Vanilla, Mint, Lime and Chocolate

The lime ice cream! 

Some cakes, puffs and fruits :D 
Shared with my family 

This cakes are nice :D 

Some pudding and jelly
I love their Herbal Jelly! It's nice! Keep me pretty too xD

Returning home from shopping~
Got a new FBT shorts in new color! 

CHOO~~~ :D 

Yes, this princess balloon are mine mine mine! 
 It would be with me till the balloon are flat or no more air in it! :D
By then, I'm gonna request for a new one!

Here are the price list for the buffet! It's pretty good to bring your GF/BF, Friends, Family or whoever to go there for a date! :D

International Buffet
+ A La Carte Buffet
Child ^
Mon - Fri
11.30AM to 3.00PM
$37.80 nett$21.80 nett
Sat - Sun, PH
11.30AM to 2.00PM
$39.80 nett$22.80 nett
Mon - Thu
5.30PM to 10.00PM
$47.80 nett$24.80 nett
Fri - Sun, PH + PH Eve
5.30PM to 10.00PM
$49.80 nett$25.80 nett
Child ^
Sat - Sun, PH
2.30PM to 4.30PM
$23.80 nett$17.80 nett

Business Hours
11:30am ~ 3:00pm

5:30pm ~ 10:00pm

Sat, Sun & PH (Lunch):
11:30am ~ 2:00pm

Sat, Sun & PH (High-Tea):
2:00pm ~ 4:30pm

Reservation at 62586688

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The Cosmetics Cop with Paula Begoun

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 Unknown 0 Comments

The Cosmetics Cop with Paula Begoun

Received this DVD that I won in a contest

Do like their Facebook Page for future contest or giveaway at : http://www.facebook.com/paulaschoicesingapore?fref=ts

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