Pizza Hut Tasting Event

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[Pizza Hut Food Tasting Session]

Date: 23 May 2013

Me and my cousin, who is a blogger to be soon! 
More information will be up too! 

Taking with their balloons :D 
Pardon for my tired face, this food tasting session actually start late too :x

Join their lucky draw now!!!
I want the second prize please!! Please grand me! :x

The menu of the day
Additional add-on too!

Lychee & Strawberry Sparkles 

There's this game guessing people which job are they working as. 
Although we are the first to hand up the paper, but we got only 3 or 4 questions right. 

 Fresh lettuce, ham and bread! 


Fried prawn, Drumklet, Onion Ring, Fries 

Their manager is up there to teach us how to make a Cheesy Trio Pizza!

Above photos are the steps on how to make the pizza, total time spend - 1 hour! Including flour as well, but we skip that step :x

The pizza that we handmade! :D
It's nice okay! 

Supposing it is a heart shape, but we are being told that if we put the chicken in the middle, the middle part might break apart as its too heavy! 

Curry Bake Rice
It's my favourite! :D
Strong taste of curry mixing with chicken

Creamy Pasta~

We got Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream! 
I got Chocolate Chip Cookies Dough and my cousin got Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Balloon and goodies bag from Pizza Hut!
Thank you for the invitation to Hougang Pizza Hut for the food tasting session.
I had enjoyed a lot, knowing new friends, eating as well as the games! 

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