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[Sponsored Trip to Bintan 3D2N]

Breakfast at Ferry Terminal at Tanah Merah

Bought homemade salad there too 

Eggs :D

Here we are ~~~~

Fresh air ~ 

Welcome to Bintan~

In the bus to our resort ~ 

Welcome Dance~

It's still early to check in, so we check what food to eat for lunch!

Taking photo in the toilet is awesome due to the lighting :D

Oh well, did I give you guys electric shock? :D
I do love myself too! :D 

Finally found a place for lunch!

Seafood Pizza

Blogger's Shalyn Food

And bought along my pink teddy~ spot her!

It's so hot ~~ 

Some gifts shop 

Finally, its time to check in!

That's me with the floral headband! :D

Snap shot of her! 

And she caught me, so she went hiding inside of the blanket!

Some funny shot ~ :D

I love the fresh air there!! :D

Went to their mini zoo to check out :D
And got some mosquito bites too :(

Rabbits ~~~ 

Hop to mama~ LOL
And it's so guai~ 

So adorable! 

Some owls or birds. So noisy when we tries to take photos of them :x

Peacock ~~ 


Crocodile ~ 

Spot this huge tortoise from far, and blogger Shalyn actually asking it to move towards us!
To my surprise, this tortoise really swam towards us! :D

Cute DEER!

Feeding them is fun! :D

Settle our dinner at The kelong Seafood Restaurant! 

Kang Kong Veg 

Fries Rice is delicious with prawn and egg etc. How do I explain? They have a special taste unlike Singapore Fries Rice! :D

And lastly, CRAB!!!!

Tired Face :(

Dessert ~ Nice Effect ah? :)

Logan pudding and honeydew sago. (Turn out to be watermelon and honeydew without sago) 

Say Yummy to the food! :D

Just nice, 4 of May is her birthday! And the table we are sitting on are table number 45! :D

This shall end the day ~~~
Day 2

Complimentary breakfast from the resort  
Cereals ~ 

Fresh Milk ~ 

Fresh Half Boil Egg :D

Omelet Egg and Scramble Egg :D

Some buns and breads area ~ 

Buns and cake area ~ 

Our food! Gosh, we are damn full already! :x

Cute face done by me! :D

Yogurt ~ 

Some funny shots :D

Big hot sun! =/

Me playing with water as its too hot! 
I'm burning under the sun! :x

Super Random shots of me ! 

Picking sea shelf 

And she snap 4 Japanese Guys in! lol~

Sexy long legs :D :D

The fat girl with bikini :x


Lunch at Dino Club :D

End of the trip, thanks so much to Ocean Potion Singapore for the Sponsored Trip! Both of us enjoy a lot and had fun there! That was the first time we traveled to Bintan and explored! Friendly customer services and people there!

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