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Thanks to my mum, I get to go JB. But there's nothing much to shop as the area are having renovation. So there's quite a lot of shop closed due to renovation. So did not shop for clothes, perhaps next time. Actually went in just to get the mooncake as its much cheaper in there :D

Paper doll tee! 
Outfit of the day :D
Ta da :D
Tie my hair :)

Lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant!
2nd sister friend and me
me and 2nd sister
Fresh watermelon juice, honey pomelo tea and fresh carrot juice
2nd sister ate grill curry bake rice with chicken
I got cheese bake rice with pork chop :D 
Couldn't finish it at all

Went around walking and saw this! so cute!
They are having some programs near to the mooncake fair.

 The boy in black is acting like a small boss there ^^"
Tons of people! I bet mostly are from Singapore! :D

 Tons of Doreamon! :D

 Doreamon mooncake!

Hello Kitty Mooncake!
Sister friend got this! :D
1 piece is for RM20, which cost around $10 in Singapore! 
Buy 4 get a bag FREE! 
And tons of people rushing to get it as its limited! 

 Got this popteen magazine! 
 Should have get July till Oct.
But its okay, I got the latest one for Oct :D

 Gotten this Chocolate Banana Cake!
 Doesn't really like it
 Rating : 2/5 :x
Tons of mooncake!
Gifting people :D
 Nice traditional mooncake! 
But I remove the york. LOL :X
 Durian Fire ball!
 Rate : 3/5
Durian Puff
Rate : 2.5/5 
It's dry and its not fresh

 Went Tony Moly, got my make up base, and this sale girl keep explaining to me about their new product, but then I still didnt get it. But she offer me a free gift :)

 Eye drops for lens and gums :D

Cool :D
Doreamon bags are not nice but tons of people getting it. Weird uh?

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