Review: Facial Treatment at Bellezza Aesthetics

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Bellezza Aesthetics is located at fourth floor of Wheelock Place and is a place that provides a relaxing and premium facial treatments for face, eyes and also body. I was given a personalized facial treatment base on what the therapist had recommended me. I still can remember very clearly, the day before the appointment, Bellezza Aesthetics had give me a call and remind me about my appointment with them. Just a small reminder in case I have forgotten. Unlike other places, which do not offered such services. Hence, thumb up for such service. 

I'm grateful that I am offered to a sponsored facial treatment. I was pretty busy for project, assignment and preparation for examination. Yes, and I have been sleeping late lately. Hence, there are pimples popping out and my skin had deteriorated a lot due to the stress I'm facing.

Reached Bellezza Aesthetics and was asked to enter a glass room by the therapist. Hot lavender tea and Lotus Biscoff Biscuit was served shortly. I have to answer a questionnaire which includes past medical history, allergies, and past surgeries etc. After the consultation, I was asked if I have any issue with my skin and the therapist recommended me to do Hydro Dermabrasion Facial, a process which require to use a vacuum suction method, similar to Microdermabrasion treatment. 

The treatment room was cosy and dim lit with lavender scent aroma and a lot more comfortable with a cabinet for me to put my personal belongings (not bulky items as the cabinet space is quite limit) and to hang up my clothes. The therapist had told me that the treatment is going to take me some time by staying still, she asked me if I required any additional pillow for my legs to allow blood circulation to flow smoothly throughout the whole process. She was so thoughtful. After laying down on the bed, I got a strong feeling that I might doze off anytime due to *sleepless night* as I was rushing a report that was about to due soon. 

My face was cleanse with lavender and was asked to inhale lavender essential oil (my favourite!) to keep me calm and relax, eye patch was laid on my eye to help me de-stress for about 5 to 10 minutes before starting the facial treatment. As everyone know, lavender is known as easing anxiety and insomnia. 

The Hydro Dermabrasion Facial (90 mins) is known as 'celebrity facial' which helps to soften and repaired my complexion by exfoliating the outer layer of our skin to have a brighter and clear skin. Before the suction begins, the therapist was telling me that I will encounter some prickly feeling. The treatment starts from the neck area. I enjoyed the process and did not have any discomfort throughout the whole process while using the suction machine. This is me before the suction start. 

Not sure if you can see from the picture due to the lighting, but for me when I viewed it through the mirror, I can see the huge difference via before and after! There were 2 rounds of vacuuming, and you can see from the first round, the picture shows an improvement on my right side of my face and is much more brighter now.

After the 2nd round of the suction done, the therapist offered to trim my eyebrows using the shaving method, as you can see from the picture, I have uneven eyebrows (laugh). Then pimple extraction over my face, after which by applying a face mask and massage. The cold and cooling mask session helps to improve skin hydration (was told my to apply more moisturizer/lotion on my face as it is  quite dry. When the therapist had left the room after applying the hydro mask, I had fallen asleep soon after during the masking session. Yes, I was indeed tired and needed a rest! 

When the therapist was back, she told me that I was also given a hand pampering session with their Silky Collagen Royal Hand Treatment (20 mins), a hot wax mask with placenta collagen. The hand wax mask was initially hot when my hands were wrapped and place into a bag of liquid wax and soaked them throughout the masking period. I was resting comfortably throughout the whole process. After removing the hand mask, my hands felt smooth and moisturised. Face mask was remove as well, having fresh and clearer face now! Lastly, the therapist also gave me a arms and shoulder massage and wish she could go on. :p 

Thank you Belleza Aesthetics for giving me a comfy facial treatment that allow me to have stress-free, relaxed during the entitled treatment process. I highly recommended their great service! After the whole treatment, I was served with tea and biscuit again before i left. I left Bellezza Aesthetic without applying makeup, walking around the shopping mall with a new glowing face. Do visit their page ( for more premium service.  

P.S: Please note that there is no monetary involved. I was invited to do a review for Bellezza Aesthetics. 

Bellezza Aesthetics is located at:

501 Orchard Road, #04-13
Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880
Telephone: 6223 2533

Business Hours

Weekday: 11am – 9pm 

Sat, Sun PH: 10am – 6pm

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