Korean Food: Cho Won Garden Korean Restaurant

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Date: 8 July 2016

Kook soon Dang Korean Rice Wine (this taste better) & new style of freshness draft makkoli (taste like sparkling rice wine) with family and friends! 

SPICY Korean rice cake! Super love it. I love the chewy taste. 😋😋

Table for 7. Look at the amount of food that we ordered! Stomach burst already. But overall, thumb up for the food and services! We ordered the following: 

Ginseng Chicken Soup x2
Korean Pancake 
Grilled Pork Belly 
Grilled Beef
Grilled Chicken 
Seafood Soup
Beef Soup Hotpot 
Pig Ear or something? 
2 bottles of Rice Wine

All of the food come with half or full set. We ordered all half portions as there are still plenty of food left. 

Thank you Uncle Henry for the treat! Table fill up with food. Korean food at Cho Won Garden, Peck Sean Street. 😋😋 Overall, we had enjoyed our meal and chit chatting with Henry and Tina :)
This meal probably cost up to $200++ :x 

Please make a reservation is you are visiting in a group. Or else you got to wait quite a long time :)

Address: 2 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079305
Contact: +65 62251317 
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30 - 14:30
Daily: 17:30 - 22:00

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