Food Review: Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

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Date: 29 June 2016

Met my friends to Geyland Serai for the Ramadan Bazaar food hunt! We managed to grab some foods as there are always super long queue for delicious food that was recommended by other people!

Alight at Paya Laber Station. Exit D. 

Met up with the peeps for some yummy hunts! Assorted churros ($5.50) Should have try the salted egg ($6) one. Not so bad though. 

Takoyaki balls 6 for $2. We ordered 2 boxes with assorted taste. Lol 
Taste better than those we bought at shopping mall. 

BBQ sauce large sotong. Wanted to try the fried one but.... 

Salted egg chicken drumklets $5 for 5!
The sauce was not marinated with the chicken, so the sauce is only at the skin... uhmm... 

Honeymelon Ice Shave $8. Well, as we wanted to try the watermelon one, but the queue is way too long, probably waiting time is 1 hour, so we cross over and found a honeymelon one.. not really nice as the rock melon is not sweet, strawberry syrup is too sweet. It is not we we expected. Mehhhh ~~

This Taiwanese Cheese Potatoes definitely taste the best out of everything! Just $3, with some choices to pick. We picked corn, chicken ham and egg ($5.50). Thumb up! Worth to purchase although there was a queue!! 😋😋

So we add on with fried Oreo ($3 for 5pcs), popcorn chicken, Ramly Burger (3 for $10) and Thai Ice Milk Tea (3 for $7). 
Not recommended for the first 2 items listed. 😅😅

Since we cant find the overdose (which is in a very long queue), so ended up buying this choco Oreo which taste like free sugar! Damn sweet la. Not recommended. 

So disappointed! 😓

My BFF | 我的好朋友. 直到永远. 我没有很多能说心事的朋友,也不需要很多. 很开心有些朋友很了解我. 不需要说很多就知道我在想什么.. 这就是好朋友吗?I do not have many listener ear friends, and I do not need a lot. Just a few will do. They are friends who I do not need to tell them what I want and already know what I am thinking ... is this true friends? 

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