[Non-Sponsored Food Review: NOOK DIY PANCAKE HOUSE]

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[Non-Sponsored Food Review: NOOK DIY PANCAKE HOUSE]
[Location: Bukit Timah]

Their menu :D
Come with 6 flavours of mix!
Original, Pandan, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Strawberry and Banana 

Found this online, isn't it cute? You can make all sort of drawings you want. 

Free chocolate and honey syrup :D

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow 

For side dish, We ordered Salmon and scramble eggs :D 


Caramel Apple 

Banana, Strawberry, Oreo and Caramel Apple (which is way too SWEET) 

Bacon and Mashed Potatoes

Our mixes, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana, and we top up with the original 

A sad face ... 


A Christmas sad face

Burn girl or boy? LOL 

Here are a DOMO KUN! 
It's fun painting. 

And there's heart and Mickey!! :D

Ta Da! :D

Draw this on my own which turn out to be cute. 



Smelly Poop! :D

Guess what's this words? 

It's LOVE! :D

Meiqi's artist of the day! :D

She decorated a plate of Halloween ghost, flowers etc! 

My cute melody! :D
Thanks to my friends helping me! 

With the cake. LOL
Burned cake :xe

Had fun with them so much! :D
Check out more from : http://nook.sg/

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