Day 7 Part 1: Mountain area, The Small Swiss Garden

Thursday, October 06, 2016 Unknown 0 Comments

Xiao Liu Qiu

The very next morning, the driver drove us to the small swiss garden area to tour around. Reached there, saw this cat house shop selling cats accessories! Super adorable and I wish I could buy everything there! 

P.S: Lots of photos ahead, won't be explaining so much! Let the photos talk :)

Bought tickets and enter the flower world! World of flowers! 😊

Beautiful flowers bridge ahead! 

Did the trendy things. Slibing holding hands! 

The pumpkin cottage! Took several photos and I wish my prince will appear like Cinderella! 

White roses! 

Windmill :)

Spotted 2 Hot air balloon, and its actually working! Display there and allow tourists to take photos! 

Flowers and more flowers. If you are not a flowers lover, you may skip this location. 

The swan/duck kept following us! Thinking that we have food! OMG 

After visiting the place, we head up to the mountain, visiting Princess Annie’s Garden Restaurant for some snacks and took a rest over there! It's really a tight and tiring schedule that we have fixed. 

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